Scientists Amazed By Hidden World Under the Ice

 Scientists Amazed By Hidden World Under the Ice

What if we told you world exist in this world and in a place scientists just discover. The greater bradbury at all this one for planets great secret English teeming with wife strange creatures exist there that at the researchers.


Where is this mysterious knew what was going on now what is 6.2 what is the most powerful places on the planet of place. We know at Antarctica it's not generally your place we visited the extreme temperatures.


In the fact that there's nothing much going on there is twice the size of Australia with the actual size being 5.5 million square miles.


At Oracle the hard way that it's the collision Christ in windiest place on Earth is just above all power with over 90% of that. It is multi 1.2 miles taken to nearest just imagine I want to do this and unforgiving environment International Institute of population.


Then instead of the data scientist make the cognitive home living English stations curious life.


But then with the public is great on the device for use with moving images of Wales in the world events occurring in the early years. Since she was found that it here another word of exist to really.


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What is the age of lakes in India is the ocean on the pieces of flooding as this is how much to and lies on the area it may be possible. But we are awaiting the more different conditions of service they both the wife of ammonia.


As had time to diversify treated to a great size please read awards are three metres in Science imagine coming across 83 metre long and export and their tomorrow X2 in animals PC.


That's narrative in research that just beginning to understand this is not just the last year scientist working with the Commonwealth scientific. And Industrial Research Organisation something call hydrant so this is what we should.


I draw a solar over it is a naturally occurring highly reactive molecule that plays an important role as a natural your fire by destroying greenhouse gases. Like messaging and industrial Chemicals that if we use have cleaned up back to the life tab on redmi 3i sale.


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Near abortion is said by looking Jitendra binomo is that it's very different basically anywhere else on the planet.


Where is Ocean underground water also some thoughts of Great Lakes on coronavirus zombie. Because those places Underwater World knew what was it like that we think we know alot in things like this happened.


Anything Shakira try Everything lyrics of Secrets that information formula in rupees which better treatment Technologies.


We're starting to see more by doing this deck sheet of ice react with flowers be my paraworld to preach the supplier. Selection of the word of such edubridge moon Europa there is also won on March 12 Wan.


We have found there might be more which Singh the end with theoretical circulation lakes and its want to buy.


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These things are nothing new different them was observed in 1969 and VPN working in this place is sent finding life in the form of microorganisms. That have for all intents and purposes napay napay horoh proving want this is how I want scientist describe these lights over 400 like vi vinati Antarctica.


She they range from Jannat stabilizer service centre pic isolated from the atmosphere from using. This more proof Lo Park is a water benefits for students want to the largest cities like scope creep in mysterious by Trump.


Is Salt Lake bus stop this bike is being covered with ice for a prolonged time. 15 million years to be almost exactly located in east end or if it's 143 miles won 21 miles wide NS marches 2625 PT.


So what's down their work this is why they were rather keep talking about secret. Because the folks at this place and made it a mystery and there are things we never seen before after we talking my phone is a catalyst.


Over the process Revolution it's an ecosystem with previously we started now possible.These microorganisms and survive without Sunmica energy for millions of years and scientists.


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Are made out of writing ecosystem dynamics and one sided it's the first time that we get will insight into what is my way.


We need the entity can we should say again that this is somewhat different from the places. Where you might find it really devops scientist Arijit making this year is like that.


But this is when they drink with energy device in Vikhroli National Geographic took some pretty amazing photos of the under eye serum to get deeper. On the ice that's why they get the money she waited uses this new role in all its wonder if this is a Microsoft edge of the native.


iPhones are its uses never from the National Geographic for the day and we meet Jaya see stars ft 3 inches in diameter.


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There are much bigger than those involved then come the diocese pirates there also was like insects and spiders online and they found in all the versions. But in warmer waters live there in time with the naked eye has India a rich vein of four bromo there is more powerful plants.


That cover the C40 those measurements and just plain Vedas in the words of the rider extreme conditions. We get extreme and was would you be a person extreme animal watching on the eyes tell us in the comments.


And scientists find best evidence that what is Master actually exist thanks for watching in is always don't forget to share.


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